RakoPasefika is our creative collective and the platform where all our artists come together to perform, create, tour and also collaborate with artists worldwide  .  Our focus is to create exceptional work that respects cultural knowledge and renews practise while providing a platform for creativity, innovation and excellence.  

Rako in the Rotuman language means a place of learning and sharing.


It was with this intention that we formed Rako to provide Rotuman and Pacific artists with a safe space to share our art with a focus on creative freedom.

Our spiritual commitment to each other and our creations has enabled Rako  to evolve over the years through an organic process with strong family values as our foundation.

Our social enterprise that has brought together a strong hold of artists who have worked together since 2009.  Our key objective is to alleviate poverty and a culture of hardship, unemployment amongst creative people and  to build sustainable, fulfilling careers through enterprise.


We are achieving this by developing beautiful, high quality products and services that show the best of our Pacific cultural knowledge and skills and working together..

Using virtues and values as the foundation


Unity, Excellence, commitment, reverence, humility, love


Communication and collaboration - Shared decision making and encouraging individual responsibility


​Respecting cultural knowledge and renewing practise


Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit - Self discipline, self respect, professional and personal development


Respect and love of the environment and encouraging sustainable, ethical practices