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in the Rotuman language literally translated means to learn, or as a noun it means school.  


For us as artists 'Rako' is symbolic of the organic process of creative learning -

 listening, experiencing, collaboration, exchange and expressing this knowledge through movement, spoken word, imagery and music.


As we create we learn….

As we merge we discover…

As we know…we move…



Over the past two and a half years as the world shut down we had time to reflect deeply about practice and who are as Rako, as a collective, as a family and so over the next few months this virtual spaces will begin to tell our stories, 

reflecting on this journey and time of healing and reawakening... and transition towards deeper cultural work....

Steering star...

Rako is a collective of indigenous Oceanic storytellers …we learn, share and continue to deepen our knowledge of our Oceanic heritage and continuously evolving our practice.. with every step we honor our temamfua, our ancestors...

we are of Ocean, land and sky

Sạsi, Pera, Lạgi  

All our work is guided by this ethos, its our steering star




Rako as a collective of Pacific artists creating new work that is rooted in our cultural knowledge and practices 




Creating, producing large scale work in collaboration with artists




Is a new body of work created through collaborations that explore our Maohi nation heritage

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