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Making Meaning, Creating..

making meaning through creative practice... 

You have to feel it, to know it, to embrace it, to protect it

It’s a process of awakening that spiritual connection to the Ocean, Land and Sky 

Our journey to deepening knowledge

Our process for deepening knowledge is by experimenting, exploring and understanding our ancestral practices by actually practicing it our selves.  It is through our own creative practice that  knowing emerges as we immersed ourselves, connecting, feeling and embodying ideas, thoughts, learnings. 

These are some of our digital stories of artists of Rotuman heritage immersed in creative practice responding to archival knowledge and storytelling session with Elders


Siria, Rotuma - Navigation, Voyaging and the Maohi Nations

Reimaging the tiaf hapa - breast plates

The ancient practice of using Mena to dye fibres

Remaking the Suru

Making the Suru

Ianes relflection

Connection to land, people, culture

Symbol of strength

to protect, to intimidate

Channelling his Warrior Spirit to 

face a new battle

Iane Creative Response
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