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Creating beautiful, unique and ethical products by...
practising fair trade principles
respectfully utilising traditional knowledge and skills, acknowledging and ensuring shared benefits 
utilising sustainable materials and eco-friendly principles in production
develop sustainable, meaningful careers that enhance their artistic gifts and provide a  foundation for exploration, innovation and diversification of skills
Coconut jewellery

Our hand crafted coconut jewellery is created by our Rako dancers and musicians as a secondary source of income which enable them to have a sustainable income regardless of the highs and lows of the performing arts season. Each piece is individually crafted by our artists

Tavake Collection

This collection launched the label RakoDesigns at FFW 2014. The collection inspired by a tropic sea bird called the Tavake a bird which is found across most Pacific islands. Hand dyed and hand print linen and cotton. This collection uses classic, timeless styles that have made it a signature collection of RakoDesigns and reinvents each year

Tatau Collection

Tattooing in Rotuman culture is no longer a practised but the traces of this ancient practise still remain imprinted in the memories of our people. This collection of adornment pays respect to the tatau


As the sun sets and dips in the ocean the rays Illuminate the sky and inspires a collection of Simple, classic lines with vibrant prints and subtle Oceanic colors. This collection was shows at Fiji Fashion Week 2015 and LA Fashion Week 2015

RAKO new

Sasi, Pera, Lagi…Of the sea, the land and the sky. A collection inspired by the spirited strong women of the Pacific and their connection to the ocean, the land and the sky. Hand dyed, hand printed linen and cottons with prints that depict the weave of pandanus, the moreira plant..of the land, colors of the mena smeared on the dancers body, rhythms of the sea carried on wings of the tavake bird, the red of mama earth, orange interweaving the evening sky..bloodlines of our people

RakoDesigns Textiles and Accessories

Since its inception in 2004 Rako Designs has alongside its own fashion label created hand dyed and hand printed fabric for scarfs, homeware and apparel. Used for corporate uniforms, purchased wholesale by designers or custom made for that special occasion

Rako Homeware Collection

A range of linen and cotton homeware inspired by the symbology of the Pacific, its beautiful tattoo, masi and tapa designs. Cushion covers, table runners and serviettes

Adornment and jewellery

Inspired by our RakoPasefika costumes, we created a line of adornment made from traditional costume fibres such as vau (hibiscus bark), Mother of pearl and coconut shells and other natural fibres

Pacific memories

Whether you're far from our beautiful lands, or sitting by your window in an urban Pacific city..our masi lampshades will light up even the darkest of nights and spark your favourite Pacific memories

Special projects

TeamFiji, to the Rio Olympics was one of our proudest moments as a young business. We were honoured to design their individually hand dyed and hand printed uniforms for the Rio Olympic Games.

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