"My favorite song right now is Av Manea. It appeals to everyone regardless of ethnicity...the beat of the music is very fun and makes people want to dance when they hear it. The chants in it are very familiar and is reminiscent of Te Vaka who are very popular in Fiji." 

Allan Stevens


"....I am really proud to be associated with a dynamic and real class dance group of my own Rotuman people. This energetic, yet-humbled dance group called Rako first caught my eye when I was in the Private Sector 3 years ago. And now, I’m blessed to be affiliated with this group, and even more fulfilled to be participative...."

Elijah M. Mario

Inclusive Growth - Programme Associate United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pacific Office in Fiji Suva, Fiji

"For me this logo (Rako Logo) symbolises the strength of coming together and how simple gestures go beyond ourselves to create beauty and community!"

Cara Flores

Guåhan (Guam)

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