Through creative practice we can create new ceremony that brings to life the knowledge of our temamfua, honoring their memory, giving value to ancient stories, reverence, respect for Land, Ocean and Sky

Our ancient art forms were connected to ceremonies and to the Sau, and once these traditional kingdoms and cultural systems were abolished, we stopped practicing many of these ancient practices such as making the headdress Suru.

Through creative practice we can create new ceremonies of remembrance and connecting to place and gives relevance to revitalising our ancient practices

Otomis Rogrogo - Our stories



Hani lep he rua

 Hani lep he rua were twins that often presented themselves in the form of two Armea birds. The Armea bird is a sacred bird found only in Rotuma and was significant to many Rotuman stories and in particular linked to royalty, to the sacred, and renowned for its precious red feathers. 


Sa Sian

Sa Sian  was a group of 10 young maidens. In this version of the story of Raho which one of the Elders shared with us, the Sa Sian were pepples on the beach that Raho turned into 10 maidens in order to conduct the sacred kava ceremony





Renewed creative practice can provide a meaningful connection to place, restore creative confidence and sustain indigenous oceanic knowledge