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The Mölmilo was a peaked head dress decorated with feathers formerly used in war

This image below was taken by Duperrey in 1826 with the original labelling stating, “Les habitants des îles de Rotouma (The Inhabitants of the Rotuma Islands). Note the tattoos depicted. Duperrey 1826”((Howard & Rensel, 2007).

Described by Macgregor this was a conical shaped hat and was worn in war by chiefs. Macgregor noted that Rafai a Rotuman man, stated these peaked head-dress which were decorated with feathers were formerly used in war and in those early days of Magregors explorations there were being used in war-dances, Macgregor noted in his expedition notes that Rafai “learned to make these hats during a visit to the spirit-world”.

This photo above is shows the Mölmilo being used in a dance during the Centennial celebration in the early 1980's.

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