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Digital Maräe


A place where our people gathered on the island was called a Marae  although pronounced in different ways, this word is similar across all Maohi nations. On the Maräe people would gather to share stories, teach, learn and come together as a community..

Today with so many of us living away from our home island it is through digital gathering spaces that we continue to keep connected to our peoples, to our ocean, land and sky....

 This Digital Marae is a collaborative living creative work

that uses archival materials, storytelling and creative pracitice as an access point to build  knowledge of ancient Rotuman heritage artforms 

You can explore this space in many ways.. below you can click into different pathways that enable you to..


Listen and read about how we built knowledge through mapping and

storytelling with elders and artists

Explore our collection of creative work and digital stories about artists processes

Interact by clicking on the Share your story icons 


Like our voyaging ancestors, indigenous creatives sustain and continue our practices, strengthening our communities connection to place and to each other, reconnecting through digital touch points scattered like stars in the Sky


The key aim of this project has been for us as urban, indigenous artists

to engage with community, with place, with our ocean, land and sky

 in a process of  

gathering, mapping, sharing, reflecting, making meaning and understanding the relationships

between cultural knowledge, peoples and places

and through these connections find the confidence to renew and continue

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