2018 Commonwealth Games Auditions - Produced by Rako Productions

This was during the 2018 Commonwealth Games Auditions Stages and was produced, shot and edited by Rako Productions

My Name Is - A Documentary by Vanessa Gordon Produced by Rako Productions

This Project was recorded and edited by Rako Productions for Vanessa Gordon

FILM PASIFIKA - intro titles composed by Rako Pasefika

This was the intro to a short film and Rako Pasefika composed the music for the Intro Titles

Original Compositions - Award Winning Song written and composed by Rako Pasefika

This song is about our Mother Earths fight to exist, our role in her destruction and what we are doing to stop it.

It begs us to look at ourselves, what role we play, and challenges us to rethink the way we live and the way we treat our planet.

UNDP theme song

This song was composed for UNDP. The song is about empowering young women and allowing equal rights and opportunities for our women in the Pacific.

SPC Cultural Industries

SPC project, creating awareness on what the cultural industry is, who cultural producers are, and how they affect and contribute to the economy. This project involved a series of 4 x 30 second videos where the term Cultural Industry was defined and Cultural Producers introduced to the general public creating awareness on the importance of the industry and also highlighting the contributors and producers of the Cultural Industry.

USP Tilapia Project

This campaign was to test the local Fiji market to find out whether or not Tilapia was a marketable product, to gauge consumers reaction and determine a target market for the product.

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