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Co-founder, Senior Dancer, Cultural consultant 


 As a co-founder of Rako Pasefika she has remained an integral piece of the Rako puzzle. Intiallly as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, she is now a mentor and tutor for all our new team members and interns. To this day she remains one of the key members of the Rako Pasefika family.

“Where there is the love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time “ and Rako Pasefika has always been about love- Our love for the ocean and mama Earth, our love for the Arts and nurturing a safe space of diversity and creation. From the beginning , Rako Pasefika was a space of love and healing for me , and in many ways, for others too. With healing came the gift of being able to be this for others and that’s how Rako is different, we’re a family and as a family we became the voice for the weak and down trodden, for Mother Earth and all the cruelty that weighs on her, for the lost arts and cultural practices . This is the inspiration for my art. It is also the foundation for the connections I have had the honor of making over the years with artists all the around the world, a common love and understanding for each other and our differences and our stories of healing through and with Mother Nature


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