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Lead Musician, Lead Vocalist, Dancer


“Being a Performing Artist for over 8 years now, Hardwork, Sacrifice and

Creativity has always been the foundations of what I stand for, both inside and outside of my professional career. I specialize in many cultural art forms including Polynesian, Pacific dance choreography, cultural and traditional music as well as cultural trades including weaving, masi (tapa) printing,costume making and design. I also have applied experience in Social Media and

Administration. I work with a Rotuman Cultural Arts Company namely Rako Pasefika and this has been the benchmark for all of my creativeness. Having the space to grow artistically with the support of family and the community has beenlife changing and I would not have it any other way. 

All these events were very special and gave the further boost to my artistic side in what the

world has to offer culturally to me.Being also in a band has enabled me to uplift my confidence oth on a personal and professional level. Outside of work, I love to be with my family and relatives.Being known as J-jay, I enjoy having jam sessions with the cousins as well as passing time with friends from the Fijian French community. Having to speak the French language has also been a moral booster in communicating with people from a different cultures and traditions. 2 years spent in New Caledonia was the perfect time in practicing this and I feel it has been a huge upside as well to me artistically.With this drive I feel that everything and anything is possible with the right guidance from the right people

"You'll never be satisfied with work if you're not satisfied with life" - John Taukave

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