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Dancer, Back up singer, Model 


Shaista Jasmine Buksh joined Rako Pasefika in 2017 as a student of Pacific and Contemporary Performing arts. In 2018, Jasmine auditioned for a position on the Rako Pasefika team as a performing artist and was accepted into training. After six months, Jasmine progressed onto the Tour Party for 2018 as a dancer and backup vocalist.


Dance and music had always been a part of her life and she joined Rako Pasefika to continue developing her passion in the field of performing arts in the Pacific. After completing her High school education in Gospel High School, Jasmine joined Rako full time to pursue her love for dance.


After being accepted onto the Rako Pasefika Tour team, Jasmine performed in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit in 2018. The importance of keeping her culture and traditions alive is what drives Jasmine to use her experience from performances to deliver her message of cultural preservation to the audience.

" Everyone can dance, but it takes drive and passion to be a dancer"

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