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Dancer, Fire dancer, Musician


Iane Tavo  has been a dancer with Rako since 2007 and has grown alongside the company over the years. Beginning his journey as a dancer he has since expanded his horizons into music, visual art, film and photography and has travelled the world as a part of Rako Pasefika in search of new ways to bring first nations cultures into the modern age. As a part of Rako Pasefika he has developed his dance and other art forms into a blend between contemporary and traditional practices and aims to bring the sounds and movements of his ancestors into the main stream industry. 

He has a firm belief in the power of music and the arts to bring people of all backgrounds and beliefs together under one cause and one passion, to share and create together. As well as the importance of preserving our first nations cultures 'while also adapting it to tell the stories of the modern day and to keep our practices relevant and prevalant. The future will also depend on how we treat each other and making sure that we never forget our roots.

"We were all human until race disconnected us, religion seperated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us"

- Joyner Lucas 

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