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Lead Female vocalist, Dancer, Rako Pasefika Coordinator


Georgina Semesi has been a member of Rako Pasefika since 2014 as a performing artist. In furtherance of her performances with Rako, she progressed onto becoming a lead vocalist for the most part of 2 years. Alongside some of the greatest performers and vocalists in Rako, Gina has been part of projects that has received international accreditation for music and dance.


Her interest in music was brought forth from her family and their passion for music. Looking to enhance her passion for music and dance, Gina joined Rako Pasefika as a part time performer and vocalist. After pursuing her foundation and tertiary studies, Gina re-joined Rako in 2018 as a musician and music tutor.


With Rako, Gina was able to perform in Sydney, Australia for the Home ground festival in 2014. She uses her passion for music to drive her performances and uses her experience as therapy not only as a way to grow as an individual but also to share her enthusiasm with the audience.

" The True beauty of music is that it connects people - Roy Ayers"

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