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RakoProductions based predominantly out of Brisbane and Fiji has a unique and particular expertise in the creative and cultural industry of the Pacific, with over 15 years of experience.   Letila Mitchell and Paul Dominiko work in partnership with individual artists, groups, communities and match their talents and skills with the needs of our clients in the creative industry, corporate sector, civil society and government.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of sustainable careers and to break the cycle of poverty and hardship amongst our Pacific’s artists.

 Working internationally we have recognised that there is a huge interest in the Pacific and in working with Pacific artists.  Often festival directors, curators and other potential clients find it difficult to connect with Pacific artists and creative producers that match their programming and project needs.  Many associate working with indigenous and Pacific artists a risk and so our aim is diminish this risk by providing a management service, creating effective links and therefore enabling the mobilisation of more Pacific work internationally.  

Artist Development and Managment

Artist development, mentoring and guiding Pacific artists towards their full potential


Artist management, advisory and support to enable a sustainable professional career

Comprehensive Pacific artist database to provide talent management services to clients worldwide.  Our databased includes artists and artworkers of Pacific heritage 


Led by Letila Mitchell who has a unique and particular expertise in the Pacific creative and cultural industries and has worked as a consultant delivering projects with regional and international organisations such as the European Union, African Caribbean Pacific Secretariat, UNESCO, Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Forum Secretariat

Videography and Photography services for all your personal, cultural and corporate events and projects


Music Production services for jingles, music beds for projects and productions, title songs for documentaries and television shows, theme songs for corporate videos, events and projects.

Voice Over services for film and television narration, television commercials and voice talent services with years of experience working in childrens shows.

Sound and Lighting support services for events

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