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Mansina tautog composed and choreographed with Fekau Emotama Pene

Our Story

Rotuman creative practices and what we would now term as art forms, were in ancient times linked to ceremony and place, but this can be difficult to reimagine and express, particularly for those of us living away from the island. It is estimated that over 75% of peoples with Rotuma heritage living away from our island home.


Many of these art forms are no longer practiced, as many of the art forms and practices were linked to ceremonies and adornment of the Sau and other royal, chiefly family members of ancient times. Though many of these artforms have lost their significance in our current society, they still hold important knowledge systems for the sustainability of our oceans, lands, people and culture.


This project focuses on building knowledge and exploring these ancient Rotuman heritage and creative practice and seeking to document many art forms that have ceased practice. We then work with artists of Rotuman heritage to develop creative outputs as an avenue for learning, sharing and provides a source of knowledge and contribute to informing future creative practice for Rotuman artists.

This work is for our it is our next generation of artists who have begun to awaken creative practices that have been sleeping, awaiting for the right generation to renew and revitalise.


It is our generation that has the responsibility to teach, encourage and to support their learning.

This work and our continued work would not have been possible without the guidance and contribution of family elders who have opened their hearts, minds and homes in a spirit of sharing and teaching with love and laughter, giving us the confidence to ask questions, explore, experiment and innovate.

We also acknowledge the support, love and encouragement extended by the Rotuma Council of Chiefs, our families and communities in Rotuma, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji and Australia who have contributed to this work.

The models and process utilised can also contribute to other indigenous artists particularly those from small island nations whose cultures and languages are under threat from being displaced by climate change and other environmental, social and economic impacts...

This digital gathering space is constantly evolving as we share our stories, ideas and creations..we encourage you to share yours.    

 You can do this by:

Sending us a message below letting us know you would like us to meet with you or your family to document your stories

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inspirations and creative reflections that you create as you explore this space 

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